Our Year In Review

Our Year In Review

Every year, we will review our performance and track our progress, but this year, we are going to do things a little differently.

To us, our success is more than the total of the properties we sell and/or build for our partners and clients. It’s about improving lives for the better- building functional and spacious homes for multi-generational living, striving to go green, bringing people together, forging relationships and partnerships, as well as the employment created in the process. Our legacy as a business is to leave the world better than when we started.

Fostering An Cohesive Company Culture

As we grow, the need for a grounded company culture is what will steer us forward in the days ahead. Key themes of teamwork, mutual respect, accountability, peserverance and commitment to achieving the objectives, openess tinged with respect, camaraderie & collaboration, were guiding principles in our goal to develop a cohesive and inclusive culture. And as a result, we are moving towards building a close knit team that is grounded in purpose.

During Christmas 2020, together with a local church cell group, we held a Secret Santa sans the party due to strict safe distancing measures, and to ensure we comply with the rules, gifts thoughfully put together by the cell group members and friends, were collected across the week for distribution to our site workers. Onsite engineers and skilled craftsmen were able to connect with office staff, and vice versa, through this bonding activity- once again proving we could still foster relationships even at a distance.

Supporting Local Sub-contractors

We also partnered with several local sub-contractors on a number of projects. Unity has become an integral theme for the year and this has helped us to strengthen the relationships forged with these businesses. We have helped one another to survive the pandemic in 2020, and for that, we are very grateful.

Doing Our Part On a National Level, with Your Support

In addition, we have hired a number of older Singaporeans in our effort to build and foster inclusivity across all verticals. This would not have been possible without YOU -our customers and partners, hence our heartfelt THANK YOU for entrusting us with your home construction and/or renovations! With your support, we in turn, are able to help others who were retrenched because of Covid or were made redundant or left behind for other reasons e.g. rise of digitalisation. We hired, reskilled and upskilled them, where necessary. We believe in developing careers and this includes helping individuals find passion in their work. If you are interested to explore a career with us, do check us out on our LinkedIn and MyCareersFuture.

Although it’s important that we maintain a healthy balance in everything that we undertake, we would not have made it here without God and the people He has put in place to journey with us through the year. We also thank each of our staff, vendor, subcontractor, investor and customer. As we enter into 2021, we hope to have the privilege to build more homes for you, to strengthen the relationships we have built and to help one another in the process. And together, we can improve lives for the better!