Building A Place Of Belonging

Building A Place Of Belonging

2020 thus far has been a turbulent time for everyone, and the construction industry has suffered no less, if not worse. We lost some, and gained some- and those people who joined us has helped us thrive, and together, we have weathered the uncertainty thrust unto us.

Being in a people-driven industry, each member in our company plays a crucial role in driving the company forward- from the on-site workers, site managers, engineers, the corporate team, coordinators, vendors, our partners and more, we shout out THANK YOU!

Being in an industry that relies a lot on foreign workers, we have turned the negativity from the fears of Covid-19 around - filling some gaps by hiring older Singaporeans as we know some, with their skillsets, have a wealth of untapped experience to offer. Above all, if one is able and desires to work, we believe all should be given a chance, regardless of age. Inclusivity and diversity are values we hold close as we believe that older Singaporeans provide us the edge to offer better experiences and services for our clients.

With our clients’ continuous support, we have hired a number of older Singaporeans since Sep 2020. With your help, we are able to help them continue their goals and dreams in our company with the work that they are passionate about. Our latest hire in Nov 2020 was a 70-year old structural consultant and to date, about a quarter of our workforce is > 50 years old – where the majority has been with us for a number of years. We value each of them – their collective experience, knowledge and skills guide our younger staff.

At Arsea, people are our most valuable assets. To help our new colleagues assimilate into our company, we are developing an open and collaborative culture to foster teamwork, grow relationships with one another, nurture entrepreneurial spirits and grow careers across all verticals. We aim to provide a conducive environment for our peope to do their best, and together, we can do better.

After all, it is our goal to improve lives for the better – one step at a time. To our older Singaporeans, if you are able to and desire to continue offering your best work, and for others, if you want to make a difference in this field, contact us!